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5 Digital Products You Can Create

In this episode, I share with you 5 digital product ideas that mean you don’t have to spend a lot of time creating a large Course.

Digital products are a great way to get started and creating different revenue streams in your business.

These digital product ideas are a great way to start building offers in your business and creating lower ticket offers that people can work with you.

1. Mini Course

A mini-course is a great way to get started with courses. It eliminates the need to create a large signature course. A mini-course can be a great introduction for people to work with you, while removing the pressure away from the amount of content you need to create for a signature course.

2. Create a Challenge

I find these really effective to build your email list. People love a free challenge and you can usually run it over a shorter period of time. If you want to run a more in-depth challenge this is a great low-cost offer or a lead into a larger offering.

3. Run a group program

A group program is a great way to learn how to teach a course that you may want to create. I love this as a way to create content for your course and you can work with your students to really learn what problems they have and to tailor your content to what they need.

4. Templates or Printables

People love checklists and templates to help them with a fast solution in their business. I have created a bundle to help people get started with creating a course. The content creation checklist is really popular.

Other ideas are Canva templates, Trello boards with a process, ebooks and more!

5. Create a Membership

I love memberships and think they are a great way to create recurring income. I mean recurring income rather than passive income as memberships do take a little bit of admin.

But they are a great way to create ongoing content rather than needing to build content up front. Or you can come up with different ways to provide value such as group calls, co-working days and more.

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