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Ask Me Anything About Course Creation

Welcome to the first Ask Me Anything episode where I answer listener questions about Course Creation.  I am so excited to answer your burning questions and in this episode, we touch on  What software I use to create my courses Should you use Facebook ads when first starting out How do I plan my courses … Read more

4 Reasons You Should Use the Evergreen Model for Memberships

In this episode we chat around memberships and the best format to get members into your program. We chat about why an Evergreen model is best suited for memberships and the reasons why closing can impact your membership. You will learn: Why a closed model creates more work for memberships Why your community is better … Read more

5 Mindset Shifts for Course Creators

Mindset is everything when it comes to being a successful course creator. In this episode I am going to share with you my 5 mindset tips for course creators that will help you as you create and build your own course.  You will learn: Why done is better than perfect Why you need to be … Read more

Why you should pre-sell your course

In this episode, I chat with you about why I think that pre-selling your course is a great way to inspire action and keep you on track for launching. You will learn: Why pre-selling saves you from creating a whole program that doesn’t sell Why it also helps you engage with students as you are teaching … Read more

E2. 5 Digital Product Ideas for your Business

In this episode, I chat to you about 5 ideas for creating digital products in your business. They are great alternatives to creating an online course. These products are a great introduction to the world of online or digital products. Join my free Facebook Community My Courses and Programs Free Quiz

E1. Warm up your audience with a pre-launch

In this episode you will learn how to warm up your audience prior to launching your course, digital product or membership. Pre-launch is the period of around 6-8 weeks prior to launching and this is the best time to let your audience know that your program is coming. Essential Learning Points:  Why a pre-launch is a … Read more