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Create a yearly launch plan for your Course or Membership

There is no better time than today to start planning your yearly launch plan for 2021. The best thing you can do is to get your plans underway now so that everything will run smoothly next year.

I know many of you said that 2016 would be your year to launch an eCourse, but you didn’t get time to do it. The top entrepreneurs plan their next year in September and October of the current year. It is such a great way to get organised and put your plans in motion, so that you can actually make your plans happen.

Creating action, rather than reacting.

First things first in planning out your calendar is working out the type of course you are going to be releasing.

  • Evergreen (no launch runs at anytime)
  • Annual launch (once per year)
  • Bi-Annually (twice per year)
  • Quarterly (four times per year)

Your course type will determine which style of launch you will do. However, you can tailor this to your own eCourse as much as you want. For example in 2017, I will be releasing my SEO course three times per year. This will work extremely well for me as it is an 6 week SEO course so three times per year will me time to plan each launch and build momentum.

However, this is what works for us.

Here are things to consider when planning your year

How many times per year do you want to launch your eCourse?

When you are planning your course and how often you want to launch your course you need to take into consideration as to how long your course is and how much planning will be involved in setting up your course.

There is no point in setting a launch in two months’ time when it will take you longer than that to create your content.

What things do you need to plan your course around?

Looking at the styles of courses and launched above, then use this as a guide to plan out how many times per year you will be launching your course.

There is no right or wrong but you need to make sure that the dates will fit in with your other plans including:

  • Large events in the year
  • School holidays
  • Your own holidays that you have planned – you need to have down time

How many eCourses will you be launching?

We have several courses that we are looking to launch in 2017. As mentioned our SEO eCourse is one, secondly we have our WordPress course, our Mastermind and of course ‘Create Your eCourse’ itself.

So we need to plan out our year so that nothing conflicts with one and other and also so that we aren’t running ourselves too thin.

Don’t stress if you don’t have more than one course to launch – we are all running our own race.

How to plan your eCourse launch year

So now you have worked out how often you want to launch your course, it is time to actually set some dates into your calendar.

Once these dates are in place we can then work backwards and plan out your content creation and marketing activities to ensure your launches run smoothly.

Planning backwards from those dates

Once you have your dates you can then set about planning your content creation and marketing activities that you need to do in the lead-up to your launch.

If you are launching your course on 1st February then you need to really get your marketing working at least 6-8 weeks prior to this launch date.

Add into your calendar the smaller activities such as:

  • When your email marketing will go out
  • When your blogs will go live
  • When your website needs to be finished and tested

Let us know how you go with your planner. You can also join us over in our FREE Community group where supportive women that are passionate about eCourses hang out. Come over and join us.


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Nikki is the founder of the Fearless Female Collective a place to grow and connect with female entrepreneurs from around the world. I love nothing more than helping people create strategic marketing strategies, build and launch courses and create a thriving online business.

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