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Fearless Female Interview with Helen Hardware

What is your business and what inspired you to start your business?

I’m the Soulful Confidence Coach and Spiritual Hypnotherapist for Spiritually Conscious Entrepreneurs. When I first started out as an entrepreneur I found that I was frozen by worrying that I wasn’t good enough, what if I failed or what other people might think. That held me back and stopped me from getting visible and connecting with my ideal clients. I went on a journey to heal and clear the blocks that were creating this resistance and found them not only in this life but also in past lives! As I came into alignment with my authentic self, all the visibility fears fell away and I realised that I wanted to help others overcome their fears too.


In what ways do you promote your business and what has been the most effective thing to market your business to date?

The best way I’ve found to promote my business is through building genuine connections. Building connections not only nurtures relationships with soul aligned client’s who implicitly know that you can help them, they will also advocate you to others – and word of mouth is the best form of marketing you can get


What was the biggest challenge you faced in your business?

My biggest challenge was getting past my mindset blocks when I first started out. There are 5 core visibility fears – and I had all of them! Fear of failing, fear of judgement, fear of rejection, fear of not being good enough and fear of success. Once I got past them I felt stoppable.


What inspires you?

I get inspired by so many ways – being in nature is really important for me. When I’m out walking through the fields, tree or by the water I often find myself inspired and creative. I find the best way to be creative is to break out of the norm and get away from the computer and sit in nature. I also get inspired by others who are one or more steps ahead of me on the journey, because I know if they can do it – I can do.


When you think of being Fearless what does that mean to you?

It means recognising your fears, calling them out and recognising that fear is nothing more than the mind’s way of trying to protect us. The mind’s number one job is to keep us alive, and in order to do so, it likes to keep us in a bubble of feeling safe. Fear is the deterrent not to step outside the bubble – but that’s where the magic happens! If we reframe fear as excitement and opportunity we can shift the energy to motivate and inspire.


Mindset is so important to running a business. What things do you do to ensure you stay motivated?

The most important way to stay motivated is to understand your ‘why’ – in other words what is the most compelling reason you have a business? That becomes your cornerstone, and whenever your mindset sways, come back to it. For me that’s about being able to help others expand their confidence and consciousness, and running a business that enables me to live authentically in my woo-woo


What is your biggest tip for success?

Do the inner work! Discover and connect with your authentic self, recognise and clear any mindset blocks as they come up (and they will) and make time for yourself.


If you could pass on anything piece of advice to someone wanting to start a business what would it be?

Take things one step at a time, if you find yourself getting overwhelmed by all the things you feel like you ‘have’ to do – write them down, and then identify the smallest possible thing you can do today that will help you move forwards.


Helen Hardware

Helen Hardware

Soulful Confidence Coach

Helen Hardware is the Soulful Confidence Coach and helps spiritual entrepreneurs who want to Unlock their Self-Belief, Trust their Intuition and uncover their authentic self so they can feel unstoppable. By identifying and healing blocks from this life and past lives, as well as connecting to Starseed origins, Helen helps her client’s transform their confidence and expand their consciousness

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