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thriving & fearless Mastermind

The mastermind where you’re supported and celebrated, whilst creating thriving programs, your best months and enjoying a business that offers freedom from the hustle and grind.

The Thriving & Fearless Mastermind Groups are inspiring and relaxed private group mentoring that are designed for you to thrive in your business.

I want you to feel comfortable that your business is being strategic and getting your business visible and also knowing that your course or programs are supporting you in your goals.

This is the mastermind where you finally get eyes on your business, your content, your strategy, and ACTUAL feedback giving the exact tweaks to hit your goals.

We work on a strategic mix of mindset, strategy and implementation to move you from overwhelmed to

Fearless & Thriving

The mastermind for aspiring course creators wanting to change their business

No one knows their way around the Internet as well as Nicole does. She's unbelievably skilled when it comes to websites, social media and all the systems a business owner needs to succeed online. Technically, she's a ninja – but what makes her even more valuable is her eye for detail, her marketing savvy, and her ability to clearly and simply communicate with people at at every level. She's one in a million!
Victoria - Expert Agency

Here is what I wanted when I joined a mastermind

  • Are you struggling with the isolation of running a home-based business?
  • Do you find it hard to find people who you can bounce your business ideas around with?
  • Do you struggle with overwhelm around tech things and so you don’t take action
women mastermind

This mastermind was made for the ambitious course creator who:

  • Are a digital entrepreneur who is ready to become visible and create the business of their dreams (and no that doesn’t just mean money)
  • Are wanting to launch a course or program, or you have done so and want to scale further. 
  • Run either a service-based business or coaching business and you are ready to step out of the shadows to launch your course or membership.
  • Struggling to make the 5-6 figure mark in your business and want to get systems in place to help you reach higher income levels.
  • Aren’t a perfectionist, we want people who take action. If you struggle with being visible we are going to step outside of your comfort zone so that you can be comfortable in showing up online
  • Have a growth mindset and positive attitude. Mindset is everything when it comes to course creators and online programs. So we will be working to help you create a strong mindset shift. 
  • Willing to invest financially to grow your business faster

Action Focused Mastermind

We ensure you get the most out of your mastermind program with the following group and personal sessions.

Online Mastermind on Zoom

2 zoom calls per month with q&a and hot-seat coaching time

Zoom session is recorded

5 Days Voxer Access to Nicole

5 Days Voxer access with Nicole to discuss any ideas outside of your mastermind session. Questions can be related to your website, SEO, marketing and planning.

Private Facebook Community

Daily access to Nicole for answers to ANY questions that come up via our exclusive FB group

2 x Private Sessions with Nicole

You will get two sessions with Nicole that give you the personalised touch to really boost your mastermind experience.

One kick off session with Nicole at the start and another at the time of your choosing to fit in with your business needs.

What You Get

90 Day Action Plan

This mastermind is all about taking action. Stepping away from overwhelm and boosting your business. We will help you put into place a 90-day plan. We love to work on 90 blocks as they allow room for movement.

Supportive Community

You will have a team of inspiring women by your side at every step with our supportive community that you can bounce ideas with, brainstorm with and being each others biggest supporters


Staying accountable is one of the hardest things in business, especially when you work by yourself. The entire step of the mastermind you will have a team of of women keeping each other accountable.

Guest Experts

We don’t know everything so we get in the best experts for you to learn about specialised topics.

Fun Challenges

We will make things fun and interesting as we go along with fun challenges posted each month in the group.

Guest Expert Sessions

Whilst we know a lot about a range of business topics we aren’t an expert in all fields. So we are bringing in a team of guest experts to help guide you on a range of topics including


Expert to be announced.

Facebook Ads

Expert to be announced.


With Nicole Davidson


Expert to be announced.

Why Mastermind with me?

Nic Davidson

Coach, podcaster, course creator and web designer

When I first started my business in 2008, like many business owners, I didn’t have a lot of money to invest in my initial website and at the time I didn’t even know what Search Engine Optimisation was.

Like many others I actually started networking on Twitter (yes Twitter) and Facebook to get clients but quickly found out I was getting nowhere without a website.

So I decided to give a WordPress website a shot and I loved it and found a new passion for website design.e (some triple) enquiry rates!

Long story short, I’ve now been running a successful web design company for over 11 years. I’ve built over 350 websites and invested in professional development to learn marketing strategies to help my clients build websites that attract more traffic and convert.

So why mastermind with me?

I have worked from home the entire time I have had my business. I get that it can be isolating and that it can be hard to find people to bounce ideas off and be your biggest cheerleaders.

I joined my own mastermind back in 2016 and I loved every minute of it. They really helped inspire me to push myself and stay on track, and more importantly accountable. I loved the connection of catching up with the mastermind group every fortnight. It was something I looked forward to and it really helped me having women in my life who had similar challenges as I did. 

I can’t wait to have you join a mastermind group and get to know you and your business. Become your biggest cheerleader in business.


Your Investment for the Mastermind

Pay in Full

$ 2,200
  • Mastermind group run over 5 months (mid July to mid December)
  • 10 mastermind sessions (sessions are all recorded)
  • 1 x one-to-one sessions with Nicole
  • Facebook group

Monthly Payment Plan

$ 800 x 3 months
  • Mastermind group run over 5 months (mid July to mid December)
  • 10 mastermind sessions (sessions are all recorded)
  • 1 x one-to-one sessions with Nicole
  • Facebook group

Ready to Take the Leap?

Book a 15-minute call with Nicole to discuss your business.