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Positive Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

I have always seen positive affirmations on different social media platforms. I mean who doesn’t love a good Instagram affirmation or quote right?

I loved seeing quotes, particularly when quotes or affirmations pop up at the exact moment I needed to read them. However, I never really worried about using them too much more than reading them while scrolling my Instagram feed.

It was during a session with my mentor that affirmations took a larger place in my life.

I was going through a particularly hard period in my business. In fact, it had been a hard couple of years and I felt like I was just sitting stagnant.

I was desperately trying to build my business but unfortunately, I was living in a place of fear and scarcity. I was stressing out where my next client was coming from. I was stressing about the bills that were piling up all the time and no-one was paying their invoices. I was worried about how I was going to feed my kids and to say I was pretty close to throwing in the towel when it came to running my business was an understatement.

I am sure this all sounds familiar if you run a business.

The sad thing was I genuinely didn’t believe that I was actually good enough to be successful in my business. Which was crazy, I mean for starters I had been running the same business for close to 12 years. So that was something to be proud of. Not to mention during that time I gave birth to 3 small humans.

The problem was my mind was so programmed to think negatively.

The thing is when you live truly believing that I wasn’t good enough, it leads to a scarcity-based mindset.

Sow how do you get out of this scarcity mindset? And how do you try and build you confidence to earn more and to be more.

The only problem was I didn’t believe in me.

I still believe that during those years that I SHOULD have done more, that I SHOULD be more successful and why wasn’t I earning more money? And because I didn’t do those things that somehow I wasn’t successful.

Of course, my business was never going to improve if I stayed in this way of thinking.

So my mentor set me a challenge, the aim was to reprogram my brain using positive affirmations.

She had me create positive affirmations that made me feel happy and empowered. The rule was I had to say these to myself every single day. A couple of times a day, in fact, the more the better.

If I slipped back into my negative mindset then at least 4-5 times a day.

The affirmations needed to come from me. They needed to really inspire, empower and motive me.

The positive affirmations also had to be written in the present tense, as if they were already happening or that it was actually how I felt (even if I didn’t believe it to start with).

This is the most important thing because when you say the affirmations to yourself it needs to feel like it has already come true… even if you are still a work in progress.

It took me some time to actually come up with these, but I finally found the ones that really felt in alignment with me.

I have been working hard to say these to myself every day. Even when I found it weird saying these affirmations out loud.

I created a screensaver and wallpaper for my Macbook, so every time I log in I can read them to myself. I will say them to myself out loud in the car when I feel like I am thinking negatively or if I am starting to stress out.

Whilst I am still a work in progress I can definitely say these affirmations have started to reprogram my brain. I BELIEVE in myself again and know that I am great at what I do, and I don’t need someone else’s validation to tell me that is true.

So if you are looking for positive affirmations then here is a list to inspire any female entrepreneur.

My top 10 Positive Affirmations for Female Entrepreneurs

  1. I am enough
  2. I am STRONG
  3. I am worthy of success
  4. I have ALL the money I need
  5. I attract clients easily
  6. I am financially abundant
  7. Money flows easily into my life
  8. My business is successful in every way
  9. I am in charge of my life
  10. I create my own freedom

Bearing in mind these affirmations were all around my finances and business. There are so many more out there if you have other areas that you wish to focus on.

These simply helped me in this particular moment in my life.

I would love to hear from you about your experiences with positive affirmations. What would you add to the list?

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