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Health Wellness for Female Entrepreneurs

Wellness and Mindset for Female Entrepreneurs with Sarah Moss

Hands up if you find that you put yourself last when it comes to your health? Or even just in general?

Even if you aren’t now I am sure there is a time where you just put your own self care on the back burner.

Being a Mum to 4 kiddos I absolutely relate to putting my own needs to the bottom of the pile – health and more importantly my nutrition.

Until this didn’t work for me anymore. The best thing I could do for myself, my family and my business was to start focussing on my fitness. This is something I still do even now after 3 years of consistently going to the gym.

As busy entrepreneurs taking care of yourself means you can serve others better. Even when I am in the middle of a launch I know that focussing on things that make me feel good really serves my clients. Focussing on your not only helps you personally but your clients will benefit, your business will benefit and your family benefits. So a win all around really.

This week on the podcast I have Sarah Moss from Sarah is an online Holistic Health Coach. Sarah supports women to improve their health and wellbeing with a unique and powerful blend of Mindset Coaching, Strength training and Sustainable Nutrition strategies that improve mind, body & soul health so they can have more energy & love their bodies.

We chat about how important your health and wellness plays into your mindset as a business owner. Its so important as a business owner that we also take care of ourselves and not just our clients and families.

One of the things Sarah talks about is setting your intentions just as you do with your goals in your business. Are you ready to focus on your wellness just as you do your business?

About Sarah Moss

Connect with Sarah on Instagram @sarah_moss_pt


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